My top 5 favorite places in Toronto

My top 5 favorite places in Toronto

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During my college years, I had a chance to explore hundreds of places around Toronto.

The places that I’ve highlighted in this post my favorite so far, because I have been there more than once. Also, I can assure you that once you visit them, you will be coming back again and again. Moreover, all of these places are great for students due to its price affordability 🙂

#1. Snakes and Lattes

Amazing cafe with a huge collection of board games, plus you can get drinks and snacks while you play. I just love this place: its atmosphere, their best chai latte, and a variety of board games that you can play with a group of friends or just go there with your loved ones.

For first time comers:

  • They do not facilitate reservations, sometimes you have to wait in line for about an hour or less, but believe me is worth it.
  • Top games to play for the first time (IMHO): Catan, Boss Monster, Clue, and Exploding Kittens.
  • Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are the busiest days. However, they are open until 11 pm, so you still have a plenty of time to play. The fee to play per person only $5.

#2 Pizzeria Libretto

If you spent lots of time looking for the best pizza in town, finally you found one.

Pizzeria Libretto is offering a wide range of tasty pizzas, that you will love. Also, they have different locations around the city, however, all of them have a warm and friendly atmosphere. For first time comers: order Margherita pizza and malted milk Panna Cotta 🙂 Enjoy!

See youwhen you get back! #jetsetEmery

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#3 Yorkville

OMG! I think, it is the best area in the town full of nice restaurants and shops.

You can have a nice romantic walk in the late evening and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with a cup of coffee or try the best cheesecake at Carole’s cafe.

How to get there: get off at Bay station.

#4 Best Toronto City view

I am sure, you have seen hundreds of those pictures in your timeline, but the most romantic and breathtaking view of Toronto city near Rebel nightclub.

If you are from Toronto, this is a “must see” spot!

Beautiful view before the @foals concert!

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#5 Nadege (Macarons)

Of course, I will not leave you without the best macarons in the city.
I do not wanna talk a lot about this place, you just have to try one of their macarons and you will fall in love, I promise! #nadege

Hopefully, I fill out some of your evenings before Christmas.

Please, leave in the comments below your favorite places in Toronto or somewhere else. I will be glad to hear from you and explore them. Also, let me know if you visit one of the places which I recommended to you in this post and tell me how did it go 🙂

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