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In love with Matcha, keep reading… 🙂

My love to matcha started when I was in my first year at college. One of my classmates and at the same time she was my roommate, bought a cup full of green liquid (matcha latte) at Second cup store. I was surprised that the Second cup store in our college was making that kind of drinks and of course I was curious to try it. After I bought my first cup, I just loved it…

…since that time it is my favorite drink. 

Matcha is the highest quality tea comes from Japan and it is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea.

 I have tried various products that contain matcha, such as cakes, drinks, ice-cream and pastries. Also, I have visited different places in order to compare the quality of the drinks. So, in this post, I want to bring you to my top two places where you can find the best Matcha latte ever in Toronto.

Number 1

Neo Coffee Bar

One of the amazing places where you can try different tasty pastries along with Matcha latte mmm delicious. Also, the store is really nice with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Located King&Sherbourne

Number 2


Tsujiri is a global Asian chain that recently came to Toronto and quickly became downtown’s Japan spot. The store is small with limited seating, so it is better to grab a drink and have a walk around Dundas square. Located Bay&Dundas

However, if you’re struggling in finding places near your area. Starbucks will always be a great place to get Matcha latte, and it still tastes delicious.

If you didn’t have a chance to try Matcha drinks or products, just give it a try and maybe you will fall in love with that flavor as I did.

Enjoy your day, smile and follow my tasty blog!

Happy holidays to all of you!