Square Fish.Toronto

Square Fish.Toronto

St. Valentines day: how was it?!

We did not plan anything special for Valentines because our first anniversary is coming soon! yeah if you want to hear our love story lol, like this post or comment below <3

I’ve decided to take Nick to CN Tower (the tallest building you can find in Toronto, the third one in the world and must place to visit if you coming to Toronto for the first time), it was his first time after 5 years living in Toronto. Yes, I know that’s crazy! He told me that he didn’t have the right time to check it out or people to go with. So, for now, this place will remind him of ME lol.

What a girlfriend I am! 🙂 I’ve been to CN Tower so maaany times, but this one was special cuz I was with him, love of my life, also it was not that crowded and we were able to take pictures and enjoy a beautiful view of Toronto from the top.

After that we started searching for a place in order to have dinner, however, most of the places were booked last night. So, we were lucky enough to check out for the first time Square Fish Spot with a super delicious Tuna Doshi (order it and you won’t regret at all) and square sushi (8 types of it). 

Here are some pics of what we ordered:IMG_7357.jpg

The place is super small but bright and cozy with amazing customer service. 

The Valentines day turned out to be great, full of love, happiness, and kisses. 🙂

Hope you enjoy this post, have a great day, smile and follow my tasty blog!