Our Story

Our Story

Well, well, well … where should I start? 

We have known each other for more than 5 years, however, it is the first year officially being as a couple.

Back to 2011, our story begins. Both of us came to Canada from the same Russian city in order to study English and to enter one of the Canadian colleges. Also, we had the same agent who sent us to the same language school in Toronto. What a coincidence to bring us together! Ohh to clear things up, we didn’t know each other before coming here, I came to Canada first and Nick arrived a month and a half later. So, the agent told me: “new guy is coming to your school, so maybe you can talk to each other and you can help him to set up his first days in Canada”. However, we did not talk and I didn’t see him that much at school that year.

So, as a year goes by, we even entered the same college.During our college years, I always invited Nick to my birthdays and we were hanging out as friends pretty much. For me, Nick was a “taboo boy”, cuz he was in a relationship at that time. Honestly, I have never imagined us as a couple, of course, I liked him (he is an attractive man I would say), he was always super kind, ready to help, but as being my boyfriend ugh hahaha.

Regardless of how 2015 turned out to be different, both of us started looking for a new place to live, Nick suggested me to move together as roommates with two more other people. So, I was happy to take that offer and we found an apartment to move in. After 4 months of living, we started liking each other more than just friends and decided to take a different step in our relationship. (of course, there is a long story behind it) It’s been a year… and I would say it was the best year full of love, travels and funny moments. We even introduced each other to our families during our trip to Russia 🙂

Nick, I know you probably reading this. I already said that a thousand times, but I will say it a thousand more that I truly and completely love you! Thank you for everything that you are doing for me and I am always here for you to listen and support! <3

That’s it! I tried to make it short and simple 🙂

Enjoy your day, smile and follow my tasty blog!