Your next Instagram photo

Your next Instagram photo

Your next Instagram photo will be from this spot for sure…

I wanted to start this March by introducing you to one of the cutest cafes in town. It’s called Bobbette and Belle. I heard only positive reviews of this place and I finally got time to check it out.  Once you open the door it feels super warm (especially look at the March weather omg) and comfy. I fell in love with the style and decor of the store immediately. It’s a girls paradise full of macarons, selection of coffee and delicious cupcakes. Also, the Bobbette and Belle has two locations in town, I have been to the Queen St East and it was very photogenic I would say.


















Look at this beautiful decor and plenty of space to meet up with your friends.

Once you are at the counter, it gets really hard to decide what you want to order

Selection of tasty macarons: I ordered strawberry champagne and mint tea


Cupcakes mmm

The Bobbette and Belle stores are run out by two beautiful women (I’ve checked their website pics) Sarah and Allyson, they met when they were both teaching at a confectionery arts school. And after that decided to open their first store in Toronto by making delicious and creative sweet things.

The Bobbette&Belle is a must place to visit and try their selections of pastries along with hot chocolate. Moreover, you can order different kinds of cakes for any occasions, such as birthday,weddings or corporate events. I would definitely get one for my birthday very soon. Also, do not forget to take photos, the staff will not stop you from doing so!


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