Trendy Pastry: Macarons

Trendy Pastry: Macarons

As I see it, the trend of macaron cookies and “food fashion” started 5-7 years ago due to high Instagram popularity and their photogenic appearance. Despite this, they even taste delicious! Macarons are primarily made of almond powder and filled with wide variety of buttercream flavors. I have tried different ones, however, I still stick with my favorite taste, which is cotton candy ( Nadege’s stores sell them). 

March 20th- Macarons day! Is it like their birthday lol 🙂


This year on March 20th, two popular macaron places in Toronto: Butter Avenue and Nadege will donate money of the day’s sales to Kids charity organizations. I think it is a great way to help kids and at the same time taste those yummy cookies once again. So, do not forget to buy a dozen of macarons tomorrow.

I assume if you click on this post, you’re a macaron lover like I am!

What is your favorite spot to buy Macarons in Toronto? Tell me in the comment section below, I will try to visit those places(or maybe I already did)!




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