Layover in Beijing, China. Things to do?

Layover in Beijing, China. Things to do?

What if you have only 24 hours or less to stay in Beijing?

I will give you some recommendations on how to spend a day in the Capital of China. I had a chance back in 2014 to live there for 4 months and explore the city, must see places and restaurants. Since that time, Beijing International Airport became a layover stop in order to fly to my hometown. 

Once you arrived at the Beijing Capital airport (depends on the time) follow the signs to the Airport Express Train Station it will take you to the city, however, the first express train to Dongzhimen station (line 2) leaves at 6.21 am from Terminal 3 and the last train can bring you back to the airport around 22.30pm. The ticket will cost you only CNY25 (US $3,70) per person, much better and cheaper than taking a taxi. 

I recommend you to get off at Dongzhimen Subway Station because then you can proceed to Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square (it opens at 8.30 am), first must see place in Beijing.  You can have a nice morning walk with a cup of coffee and even if you arrive late afternoon, you can still take a look at the beauty of it, 2 hours will be more than enough.

If you are searching for a great lunch place, go straight to Jintaixizhao Station (line 10) and look for “Green Tea Restaurant“, you will definitely love the food and its affordable prices. However, do not miss out to try Pecking Duck and the best restaurant to go, located close to Tiananmen Square, and it’s called “Qianmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant“. 

Also, what if you arrive late in the evening and have more than 6 hours to wait, get a taxi and go straight to No.8 Hot Springs Club, you can pay only 200RMB (US $30), basically everything is included in that price: three types of saunas with showers, lunch/dinner buffet, lounge zone, where you can sleep and relax, and changing cloth, much better than in the hotel. 

Why I did not include the Great Wall? Because you will definitely need more than a day to stay in Beijing. If you have any questions regarding places, things to try, ask me in the comment section below. 

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