Mexico. Part II…

Mexico. Part II…

To continue on our Mexican Trip… If you didn’t have a chance, go and check out the Mexico. Part I post.

So, here we go Day 4… 🙂

It was one of the saturated and most memorable days of the whole trip. We have visited the “Xcaret Park” to find more about this park, I have included the hyperlink for you. Xcaret is an enormously huge park with a lot of things to do, however, there is one thing that you should not miss out for sure, its the Underground River, which is part of a natural network of channels which circulate under the Yucatan Peninsula.

Basically, we floated for about 45 minutes, while looking at beautiful nature, it feels like you are lost in the jungles and the emotions are just overwhelming 🙂 Moreover, the park itself is a clean and well-organized territory with different areas to explore.

As a bonus, by the end of the day, you can watch the beautiful and heart touching show where you will see the history of Mexico. We spent there the whole day and the experience definitely worth it.

The next day our friends left Cancun, they stayed with us only 4 days, but during those 4 days, we have visited main tourist attractions and even more.

So finally, we were able to relax, enjoy the sea and try all inclusive cocktails on the beach 😉

Day 6…

I do not know where to start lol. It was all my boyfriend’s idea… spontaneous, unforgettable and the thing which we never did before. DIVING!

We started reading everything about diving after we paid for it (yeah crazy couple), so the night before my love, decided to google out diving for beginners and the instructions scared us right away. In the morning, the car picked us up from the Hotel and dropped us at the diving place. First of all, there was an hour theory class, where we learned basic things about it. Then we proceeded with the training in the swimming pool, I was the one who basically failed it (we were two couples) 🙁

The instructor told me, if I don’t feel comfortable doing that, I should just stay in the boat. Because in her words: “the diving is all about fun“. But all I thought at that moment, if I don’t try it now, I will never have a chance to do it later. So, I was the second one, after my boyfriend, who dive 10 meters down and once I saw the beauty of the sea world, amazing MUSA underwater museum, all my worries and heart attack went away, my body calmed down and I was able to swim and enjoy my time.

There was one problem down there, my boyfriend was the one who worried about me the whole time, he did not even expect me down there lol. At the end, his experience was different compared to mine. 

If you want to try something different, crazy and breathtaking. Diving is the right activity! 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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