Neo Coffee Bar. Toronto

Neo Coffee Bar. Toronto

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I’ve decided to give you a closer look at this place, remember I wrote a while ago about two favorite Matcha locations.So, if you were thinking of a new coffee place in Toronto, you should definitely go and check out Neo Coffee Bar. Great selection of drinks and fresh pastries: all made in-house; friendly atmosphere, beautiful spot and conveniently located in St.Lawrence market. 

You will also enjoy the walk around that area with a cup of your favorite drink. 

As usual, I have ordered Matcha latte (smooth and delicious flavor) and tried out for the first time Matcha Cashew Mousse Cake (highly recommended, if you’re into sweets).

Matcha Cashew Mousse Cake
Matcha Latte

It is really nice out in Toronto, try to catch these summer days and explore the city a bit more. 

Please comment below, if you had a chance to visit this coffee bar. Any suggestions, where I should go next? 

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