Casa Loma Castle. The Power of Beethoven

Casa Loma Castle. The Power of Beethoven

Symphony in the Gardens. The Power of Beethoven.

On Tuesday, July 25th, I had a chance to attend and listen to the beautiful Toronto Concert Orchestra conducted by Maestro Kerry Stratton at the Casa Loma Castle. 4th summer Casa Loma is hosting TCO at the gardens in the spectacular Glass Pavilion and it’s a great opportunity to attend it. Every week, there is a different concert going on, so you can check it out at Casa Loma website and find out what you want to listen to. This week, the orchestra played “The Power of Beethoven”, which was really impressive, emotional and super romantic. 

At the same time, you can enjoy stunning views of the city and the beautiful estate gardens while listening to the orchestra under the stars.

Glass Pavilion and the restaurant outside of it, where you can have a drink or dinner

The whole atmosphere of the event will take you to the fairytale or even to the “Titanic boat” once you look at the majestic castle, orchestra, and decor.

Maestro Kerry Stratton

Recommendations: try to come early, at least an hour before the event in order to reserve a seat for yourself at the Glass Pavilion, doors are open at 5 pm and the event starts at 7:30 pm. A lot of people were standing outside due to lack of the space inside the pavilion, seating is first-come, first served and cannot be reserved. Also, if you don’t like standing in a line for the tickets, just buy it online and print it out. 

The ticket cost only $27 (plus tax) is a general admission ticket, which means you can still explore the whole castle before the event if you come early. The event is going on every Tuesday until August 29th. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity and enjoy the evening at Casa Loma Castle. <3


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