Montreal: Things to do

Montreal: Things to do

Why can’t we just stop the time?! (it’s a rhetorical question, the one that stuck in my head for the past 2 months). The time I spent with my family here in Toronto is just speechless, I loved every second of it. We have done so many things and this post will be about our Quebec trip. So many people, after I have posted stories on Instagram, asked me about the “Orford train“, where we visited 2 cities: Magog and Sherbrooke. But I have decided to start our trip from Montreal and leave the Orford train for the next post, where you can find out how to get there and what you can expect from it. 

I have been to Montreal more than 5 times already and there are definitely a lot of things to see and explore. The city is way different from Toronto and I just loved it. I will try to cover the main stops you should definitely not miss out if you decide to go there. One day won’t be enough for this beautiful city, however, it’s up to you for how long you’re traveling.

#1 Old Montreal Port + Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

Old Port is the first area to explore once you arrive in Montreal. It looks like Europe for me at some point. You will find lots of cozy French restaurants and hear the French language almost everywhere.

Also, don’t forget to visit Notre Dame Basilica church with a breathtaking outside/inside view. Its construction, in Baroque style, was completed between 1672 and 1683. Moreover, we were lucky enough at that day to hear the organ music. 


#2 Lookout Mount Royal Point 

The great place to see the whole city from the Mount Royal Hill is from the Kondiaronk Belvedere. The view is spectacular at any time of the day. How to get there: get off at Mont Royal station and take the bus #11, which will stop at the park entrance, walk for about 5-7 min and voila best view of Montreal. 

#3 Botanical Gardens or Biodome

If you’re still thinking whether to go there or not. IT’s a MUST visit place in Montreal. I have been there almost a year ago with my boyfriend. We just fell in love with the gardens. It contains a greenhouse complex full of plants. There are different large outdoor gardens, each with a specific theme. My favorite one is the Chinese Garden part. The Chinese Garden is constructed along the traditional lines for a Ming Dynasty and populated with Chinese plants.


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#4 French Bakery: Pâtisserie Au Kouign Amann

French culture is well-known for its delicious and tasty pastries, such as croissants, pies, macarons and so on. Please do visit this tiny, warm and cozy place. Get a cup of fresh coffee with Kouign Amann (recommended!). Sometimes there is a line-up for it, but it worth the wait. It’s located on Mont Royal station, 5 min walk north of the street. 

#5 Saint Joseph’s Oratory

The last tourist stop you should visit is Saint Joseph’s Oratory. It’s the largest Canadian church and it looks massive. The construction of the entire building was completed in 1967. You will definitely feel so tiny compared to it, with lots of stairs to climb up, but don’t be afraid there are escalators inside of it in case you’re tired. The church itself will definitely impress you, so don’t miss it out.

Please tell me your favorite spots in Montreal, if you’ve been there already or leave any questions in the comment section below. 

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