Orford train: Magog and Sherbrooke

Orford train: Magog and Sherbrooke

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I cannot believe it’s fall already. How are you all doing? How was your summer? 

So, here we go, as I promised. My experience taking the Orford train. The Orford train is a tourist 3-hour journey with a short stop at Sherbrooke city with your choice of brunch/lunch or dinner.

How to get there? It’s two hours drive from Montreal to the Magog city, where you can board the Orford train. The train usually leaves in the morning, afternoon and evening depending on you. We took the train early in the morning at 10 am. Once you board, the table will be already nicely served for you like in the restaurant.

The first thing that comes to mind is that you are taking the Sherlock train, just like one in the movie. The brunch will be served right away with the dish you have ordered when you bought the tickets(the ticket cost us $99(icl. HST) per person) at the station. I’ve ordered the french crepes with maple syrup, ham, and cheese, and they were super tasty. The food overall was great. 


Here is the brunch menu throughout the whole journey:

1st course, you will get:

  • Basket of warm breakfast pastries(served right away on the table)
  • Natural yogurt, granola, and berries
  • Cheese and creton 

2nd course:(depends on what you’ve ordered)

  • Ham and Cheese French crepes with maple syrup and seasonal fruits (my choice)


  • Goat Cheese and Vegetable frittata, potatoes, bacon


  • Smoked salmon and vegetable frittata, potatoes, bacon

Dessert + Coffee and tea

The brunch menu is pretty good and you will be surprised by the service on board. We loved it!

The main question that people asked me: “Did it worth it? Did it worth to take such a long journey just for that train?”

I would definitely say YES! You have to try this experience and I would say the best time to do it is FALL. The view from the windows of the train will be so beautiful with the colorful fall leaves. We took the train at the beginning of August and the outside views were a bit boring, everything was green (at least it was not raining, nice and warm summer day).

Also, you will have a quick 30 min stop at the Sherbrooke station, where you can shop and get fruits/vegetables from local farmers. 

In conclusion, I would definitely suggest you take the Orford train and experience the classic dining with a bonus of French live music. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me in the comment section below.

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