Bleu Lavande Farm. Quebec

Bleu Lavande Farm. Quebec

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  – Are you ready for the next place to visit in Canada?

 – This time is Bleu Lavande farm in Quebec. 

    I was excited to see the lavender this summer and we decided to go to the Bleu Lavande Farm in Quebec, which is located near the Stanstead city. Bleu Lavande farm considered the largest in Canada. Before coming to that place, I scrolled all the photos on Instagram of the farm in order to get a picture of what to expect (we all do that these days). The lavender blooms from around the end of June to the beginning of August when it is harvested. However, we were unlucky the lavender didn’t bloom the way that I expected, it was almost the end of the season. I believe that this is not a reason to despair but to return again next year in July. 

   The farm itself is definitely worth a visit. It’s a well-maintained area with a great store, where you will be able to purchase different lavender products. Also, I would highly recommend you to try their lavender tea and lavender ice cream (yes, ice-cream, which was super tasty). 

Lavender Ice cream! YUM!
Store at the entrance of the farm

  Moreover, you will have a chance to watch a movie about their lavender fields and know more about this beautiful plant. Despite the fact that I was expecting lavender blooms, somehow we were still able to take nice pictures of it and smell in lavender for a whole year ahead.

But for now, enjoy the photos 🙂

Lavender fields

Lavender Massage oil! Recommended!

If you’re thinking of visiting this beautiful farm, the best time is at its peak in early July. 

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