Aga Khan Museum

Aga Khan Museum

What a beautiful weather for the past days in Toronto. Perfect days to explore the city.

Our Saturday started at 8 am with a wake-up call, morning cuddling and a cup of chai latte at Starbucks.

9 am. We went for a three-hour Spanish class (yeah I finally started learning my 3rd language and I am taking it seriously). I like group classes, you can interact and learn from each other. However, some people find it useful to take private classes, where you can be one on one with a teacher.

2 pm. We visited Ontario Science center and watched “Under the sea” movie since my boyfriend got complimentary tickets from his job. I will write my next post about our experience at OMNIMAX cinema.

5 pm. We were done with the Science center, played like kids there lol, but it was fun. Then I looked at the map and realized that we were steps away from the Aga Khan Museum, I wanted to visit this place a while ago and today was the day. We didn’t go inside, but I will come back there one day for sure.

Once you enter the territory of the Museum, personally it felt so peaceful and minimalistic.

Entrance area

Also, five mirrored granite-lined pools of the formal gardens will definitely grab your attention the most, there were designed by landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic. The landscaped park is surrounded by those pools which makes it beautiful and the water+nature combination worked well.

One of the mirrored granite-lined pools

There are two buildings on the territory: the Aga Khan Museum itself and the Ismaili Centre Toronto. “The Ismaili Centre incorporates spaces for social and cultural gatherings, intellectual engagement and for spiritual reflection” and “the Aga Khan Museum offers visitors a window into worlds unknown or unfamiliar: the artistic, intellectual, and scientific heritage of Muslim civilizations across the centuries from the Iberian Peninsula to China”. – as it states on the website.

The fall is coming. Look at those yellow leaves

As you can see, the place is worth the visit. Our Saturday turned out to be great.
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