Simple Ideas for Breakfast: French Toasts

Simple Ideas for Breakfast: French Toasts

We all struggle with breakfast ideas. Today, I want to share with you simple and tasty recipe to cook.

It’s one of the popular breakfasts ideas, but it’s so easy to make for your loved ones in the morning.

What we need:

– 2 Eggs (depends on how many people you cook for)

– 3 tbsp of Milk

– Olive, sunflower oil or butter

– French Baguette (or any type of bread you like)

Toppings: smoked salmon, ham, avocado, cream cheese, strawberry jam etc (anything you like or have in you fridge). You can make them savory or sweet.


Cut the Baguette into pieces. Mix in a bowl eggs and milk.

Deep the bread in that mixture and fry both sides of the bread on a medium heat.

You can decorate your toasts with your choice of toppings, like I did in the pictures below.

Favorite one: raspberry jam + strawberry

Enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea 🙂

I hope you will love this recipe, comment below and share with me your breakfast ideas.

Thank you for reading, smile and follow my tasty blog!