and I literally mean it.

The Story behind the Honey Cake.

I can’t-do or create something that I don’t love.

I love baking, however, the essential part of everything I do to keep moving is the great feedback from people. It inspires me to bake my honey cakes with Love and passion.

The story begins with my mom. She bakes for any occasion to gather the whole family with something sweet on the table. I would say that Honey cake is her signature cake. There are thousands of recipes on the internet and they are all different, people use all kind of techniques to make it. However, our secret is simple and you can even create it yourself if you want to (here is the link with all the steps on how to make it). It’s time-consuming, but the results will surprise you. It tastes DELICIOUS!

2 years ago, I made my first Honey cake and it was a nightmare (i mean it). I said I would rather bake 10 brownie cakes, rather than rolling all those layers. I didn’t give up, I made tens more cakes and later on, it became my signature cake. Everyone told me it is the best cake they have ever tried and force me to give it a try to sell it. I thought all the selling process is such a complicated thing and there are different people, who have got different tastes. Two years later, here I am writing this post and ready to make my cakes in order to inspire, feel better, overcome certain situations, to forgive, gather for the family celebration or to have a chat with your loved ones while eating my cake.

I will not take more than one order per day (exceptions apply), I will be exhausted if I do so. I want my customers to be happy with every single cake I make for them. So, I don’t rush and most important I don’t make it because of money. I can’t make living out of it because I have to bake a certain amount of cakes per day and work longer hours. My prices are reasonable, like all the homemade cakes in the market, I didn’t study at the bakery school or attended any baking courses (unfortunately, I don’t make custom cakes or any special sizes and decorations for birthday celebrations). I am sorry for that in advance.

In conclusion, my Honey cakes are 3″ or 6″ inch (7-15 cm in diameter), which is around 1 kg for the 6″ inch cakes. The sour cream mix with sugar between layers (I found this is the best combination with honey layers), I don’t make any other types of creams yet. The decoration is mostly my choice, however, you can point at the cake which I posted before on social media and I will be happy to make it similar or exactly the same. The packaging is included and the delivery in downtown Toronto is free. If you want my cake to be delivered outside of the Downtown area, you will be asked to pay the travel fee for it. We can also choose the convenient location.

MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT: I make it because I love doing it and I receive a great response so far. Thank you for all your orders!❤️ ***

***Of course, it is not always that busy, keep an eye on my social media accounts tastyblendofthings or karolinavaseva, sometimes I post small 5″ inch cakes which will be available during the day or the next business day. You can always give it a try! ❤️

It’s all natural ingredients: 100% raw honey liquid, eggs, sugar, white flour and most importantly berries or any other fruits are always fresh, I carefully choose them for you. 

If you already had a chance to try out my cake, please fill out the review section at the end of the Honey Cake Orders page by simply clicking the “create your own review”  here.

Hopefully, I answered some of your questions regarding my cakes and I am always happy for your orders.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. I will make a giveaway soon. Stay tuned for it and check my social media accounts! 

Have a great day, smile and follow my tasty blog.

with love ❤️  and care for every single customer,