How to make a Halloween Pumpkin?

How to make a Halloween Pumpkin?


How was your pre-Halloween weekend? I’ve decided to share with you our pumpkin step by step guide 🙂 Hope, I will inspire you and you will make your pumpkin for this Halloween, you still have  2 days until October 31st!

  1. Draw a circle on top of your pumpkin. Make sure it’s big enough for you to reach into, so it will be easier to remove all the seeds and pulp.

2. Cut the lid and remove the seeds and pulp

  1. Draw your own pattern (or search on the internet whichever one you like) into the pumpkin with a pen. Pick the pattern that will suit the size of your pumpkin.

  1. Cut along the lines that you drew, slowly move the knife and push out the shapes. We also highlighted the shapes of the pumpkin with a black marker in order to make it creepier.

5. Insert a candle and replace the lid.

CREEPY PUMPKIN! We love it 🙂

That’s it! Happy Halloween 2017!

Thank you for reading and feel free to share 😉