“OPERA” by Olga Spivak

“OPERA” by Olga Spivak

There is only one word that can describe Olga after meeting her personally for the first time

… which is INSPIRATION.

I will use this word more than once in this post.

I want to share with you my experience of “Opera” class by Olga Spivak. Maybe I will inspire you and you will sign up for one of her classes. Please remember, it’s not an AD, it’s my personal opinion 🙂

Unfortunately, it’s for Russian speakers only (hopefully one day she will make classes for English speaking community)

Okay, let’s start…

First of all, I was inspired by Olga after I found her Facebook page. (Sorry but it’s all in Russian as well) It happened so randomly, I felt like Google knew what I was looking for lol. It was something that I didn’t want to share with anybody, something that I found and it was mine (like a really rare recipe or a book). Yeah, now you probably think I am crazy, talking about a Facebook page and a person, that I didn’t even know in real life. But sometimes it happens to me! One day, I was going through my Facebook feed and found out that Olga was ready to host her first “Opera” master classes.  When you don’t really know anything about professional pastry industry, but you’re really into baking, I’ve decided to sign up for the class and give it a try.

…and yesterday (November 7th) it happened. I attended my very first “Opera Cake” class (pastry class in general), as you can see how excited I am to even write about it 🙂

Opera took my breath away, it tastes de li ci ous. Love every single layer, smell, detail and fell in love with Olga’s spirit. Also, I wanted to thank Olga and Julia, for highlighting all the Toronto “best” bakeries. It was great to hear a different point of view from a real professional.

The class started promptly at 10 am with a welcome “Mimosa” drink and finished around 3 pm (including tasty 30 min lunch break). It was a 5-hour journey (time flies there, believe me) when you get excited about every single step. Even though if you’re far away from baking, it will be a great experience for you to learn, get inspired and decide which must-haves you need at home in order to bake.

beautiful lunch set up by Julia Merk
small welcome marmalade package, mimosa and the Opera book with all instructions in it

I won’t share with you the whole recipe (it’s quite long in terms of writing), only the final steps of it.

Here are some photos for you to get inspired:

We started our journey by making the sponge layers of the cake (based on almond flour)

sponge cake layers separation
filling in the silicone frames
Baked layers
First layer soaked in coffee syrup
Perfect meringue
Coffee cream mixed with Italian meringue
second coffee cream layer

Second sponge layer (soaked in coffee syrup) with the chocolate ganache layer

last sponge cake layer soaked in coffee syrup
one more layer of coffee cream
and tadaaaaa 🙂 chocolate glaze culmination!
cutting the edges of the cake

and here it is… gorgeous Opera by Olga Spivak

Beautiful Pastry Atelier Packaging

One day, I will try to make my Opera and I will share with you the journey, it’s time-consuming, however, the results will surprise you.

I just wanted to thank, Olga and Julia, once again for making this happen. It was amazing to watch you in action, taste and be inspired. Keep up all the good work!

Оля, вам удачи во всем, очень рада была присутствовать и видеть все это своими глазами! Жду следующих классов <3

If you’re in Toronto(and you speak Russian). Give it a try and the whole perspective of pastry world will change your mind! Simple beauty <3

P. S Если вам будут нужны волонтеры, I am in 🙂