Santa Claus Parade

Santa Claus Parade

Hello there 🙂

Did you have a chance to attend Santa Claus Parade last weekend? If not, you didn’t miss a lot! 😉

This is my second time attending Santa Claus Parade over the past 6 years in Toronto. However, the one which I attended back in 2011 was much better than this year.
Honestly, it’s great to attend only if you have kids or if you want to get that Christmas spirit. Besides it all, it was cold and crowded, like most of the events in Toronto.

I took some pictures for you, so you can make a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy it while sitting on the sofa or even in your bed.

Chinese association
Ripleys Aquarium of Canada

EB games took our attention with a Big Mario
Toronto Maple Leafs
I was so sorry for the girls, cuz it was super cold

Mc Cafe 🙂
TD Bank.

looking forward to watching it in the cinema this Christmas!

Overall, great day to spend and feel the Christmas spirit a month before an actual Christmas lol

Thanks to all the participants who made this beautiful parade 🙂

Enjoy your day, smile and follow my tasty blog!