“Vanilla Clouds” by Olga Spivak

“Vanilla Clouds” by Olga Spivak

Yay! It happened again! Pastry Atelier hosted another master class and it was super warm, beautiful and tasty. They brought Christmas, laugh, and joy to all of us. I am always leaving Olga’s classes (it’s my second one so far) with lots of inspiration to create, keep moving and doing what you love.

If you didn’t have a chance to check Olga’s first master class, feel free to do so.

So, here we go… Vanilla Clouds <3 Exclusive gluten-free sweets.

I still can not get over them. The combination of all of the ingredients is perfectly balanced, simply delicious and creamy. Moreover, the cooking technique is not that hard, I feel like anyone will be able to do it at home.As Olga says: “this recipe is the result of a long work, where everything is measured to a gram”. We also got the book with all the steps and secrets on how to make them.(I already bought all the main ingredients and I will definitely surprise my mom in Russia).

After I tried it, I immediately fell in love with the creamy light vanilla texture of the clouds and surprisingly they were not too sweet. You can eat the whole package while drinking a cup of your favorite tea and you won’t even realize that they are all gone lol.

and here it is, after 2 hours of staying in the fridge.

Also, we had an opportunity to choose our own taste of the clouds, beautifully pack them and decorate the box.

Varieties of tastes to select from cacao, chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, coconut and crunchy caramel. 

Perfect gift for your loved ones!

Later on, we had a lunch after all the “hard work”, which was beautifully decorated by Julia Merk.

Pancakes filled with mascarpone cream. Made by Julia Merk

More pictures from our class here.

Highly recommend Olga’s classes! You will definitely love every minute of it. Also, they’ve opened an extra class on December 16th, so sign up quickly

Thank you, Olga and Julia, for the amazing experience! Keep up all the hard work!



P.S. it’s not an ad.