Hometown: Siberia, Russia

Hometown: Siberia, Russia

Happy New Year everyone! So, here we go… My very first post of 2018.

How did you celebrate NY’18? Are you excited about your new goals? I am 🙂

It’s been a month since my last post. I am sorry for that in advance!

However, last month of 2017 was one of the best ones, which means I have a lot to tell you. First of all, I’ve visited my hometown, where I was born and raised until the age of 15. I met my co-worker in Beijing, China, one of the exciting moments of the year, because I haven’t seen her since my internship ended there in 2014.(I feel like I might write another post about China) Lastly, I ended my year in the mountains in Canada. What a month!

But now, I am super refreshed and ready to create, write, motivate and bake, bake, bake … 🙂

I feel like the information won’t be that valuable for some of you, but this post is so personal and special for me.

So welcome! <3

My hometown located in Siberia, Russia, which is about 1-hour flight from Irkutsk city (Lake Baikal). This is the first time in 3 years, I visited my hometown during the winter time. And what a surprise! It was really warm(-15C) compared to the temperature I used to live in 8 years ago (-40C). Global Warming in Siberia? Who knows.

I must say, I did not even recognize before all the beauty of nature in that region. We still have a house there and my parents don’t want to move out, because of hunting, fishing, work and etc. The population of the place is only >17,000 people (as of 2017).The core of the region’s economy is logging, sawmilling, and woodworking. The region is quite popular for the timber industry and most of the people are not moving from there, because of it. Also, the area is well-known for the valuable species of fish: taimen, lenok, whitefish, grayling, tungunks. Moreover, the Kazachinsko-Lensky District is rich in animals, such as sable, squirrel, columns, wolverine, badger, brown bear, lynx.

Always happy to return there, especially to my school, where I had a chance this time to talk to students about all the realities of today’s world. (especially for all those boys and girls, who have never had a chance to move out from the village and explore big cities).

I finished my 9th grade there in 2010 and moved to Irkutsk city, then to Toronto in 2011. At the age of 16, I came to Canada, it was a big decision for me and my parents, which I am thankful for now. And for those of you, who think is easy to immigrate (anywhere in the world) and that someone is waiting for you (there). You’re wrong!(exceptions apply). It was such a big journey for me, best school I have ever been to. However, I still encourage people to try and get out of their comfort zone. Because it will be the best experience of your life, even if you fail (and came back where you started, but at least you tried). Toronto didn’t break me down, it made me so much stronger and you have to work hard in order to keep moving. Also, I am thankful for my parents for everything that they’ve been doing for me and my sister <3

Thank you 2017, you’ve been so good to me! Especially for all those people, which I have met <3 and to those who I let go.

Here are some photos, which I was able to capture during my stay.

Local Post Office

Local Houses:


The Beauty of Nature

Thank you for reading! <3

Have a great day, smile and follow my tasty blog!

Lots of great content coming this year, stay tuned! Please let me know in the comments if there is something specific you want to hear or know from me.