Ladurée Toronto

Ladurée Toronto

First Toronto Ladurée location is finally opened their doors at Yorkdale Mall in December’17. And I didn’t miss the chance to go and try out their famous macarons. I haven’t been to France(or any other Ladurée locations), so I won’t be able to compare it to them.

Ladurée is one of the most famous French cafes(established in 1892), best-known sellers of delicious macarons. If you’re not familiar with this dessert, it’s basically two macarons shells(made of almond flour) sticks together with a creamy ganache filling between them. Ladurée has branches across the world, such as North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia.

The first weeks of Laduree’s opening in Toronto drew big crowds (as I saw it on the news and Instagram). If you’re planning to get a table, you will probably wait in line (especially on the weekends). On our visit, we waited in line for about 15 minutes (which was not too long).

I immediately fell in love with their design: shades of pink, pistachio and mint colors.(girls dream). I felt like I was in the dollhouse and everything was unreal. The cafe itself is not that big, most of the tables can accommodate the group of 2-3 people.The drink menu includes varieties of teas, their famous hot chocolate and so on. But I came here to try macarons… Unfortunately, some of the tastes which I wanted to try were not available that day, such as Passion fruit and Strawberry Candy. However, I discovered the new taste Liquorice, it tastes so delicious(something different, you should definitely try it out once you’re there). Overall, the macarons were smooth, soft, and light with rich flavors. And this is all after a plane ride from Switzerland, where they were originally made, dozens of frozen macarons shipped to all their locations around the globe. They’re not making them in the kitchen behind the cafe. What a surprise!

Marie Antoinette tea. The mix of Ceylon Black Tea, Chinese Black Tea, Indian Black Tea, Orange Pieces, Pineapple, and Rose Petals. The cost of the tea is $6.

Also, they’re selling gourmet chocolate boxes (prices varying from $20 to $40 per box), different gift sets, bags, books, keychains. You can discover the collection here. (it’s the UK website, but most of the stuff is similar to ones I saw at our Toronto location).

If you’re planning on coming here for a High Tea the cost of it will be $50 (per person).

selection of macarons at Toronto location

The cost of one macaron is $3.30 (the price is higher than an average).

Tea served with a piece of chocolate.

Definitely, recommend stopping by if you’re at Yorkdale Mall.

In conclusion, the brand and quality of the pastries seem to stand out as the industry leader, especially in today’s Toronto market.

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